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lady killer.

He’s baiting a hook, Beverly. He’s toying with you. Go to Jack. Tell him everything.
Stay away from Hannibal Lecter.

i’ve been listening to paolo nutini all day

best thing i ever done this week to be honest




Guilherme Leão he is from the brazilian subway security from the city of São Paulo and is also a model (1/2)

i’m laughing

He’s still part of your pack, right? Yeah. Yeah, of course.


"All those years ago," she said softly. "Before he’d ever dreamed of a Second Army, before he gave up his name and became the Darkling, he was just a brilliant, talented boy.”


things that are cute:

  • when girls put their hair up in messy buns and there are a bunch of stray hairs hanging around their face/back of their neck
  • when girls wear beanies
  • when girls wear backwards baseball caps
  • when girls do literally anything ever
  • girls